August 7, 2013

Product Highlight - Paper trimmer

Stampin’ Trimmer - #129722 - $49.95 Remember how frustrating it was to try and cut regular-sized cards on the old paper trimmer? With the new trimmer, the base has been extended to an extra wide 15.9cm so you can make most of your common cuts and measurements without extending the ruler. But if you do need to use the extended ruler for a larger piece of paper, it measures out to 36cm. The extended rules has a stabilising leg which ensures a sturdy and steady surface which always results in an accurate and straight cut. One of my favourite features on this whole trimmer is that all the ruler measurements and markings are printed UNDER the plastic surface so they will NEVER wear off! The trimmer has a 30.5cm cutting and scoring track. What this means for you is that there is enough width to keep both your blades on the track all the time. The track gives you enough space to cut or score without having to remove or switch out blades. The clear cutting track locks in place so that it can be stored or transported safely. You will notice that on the cutting and scoring blades, there is a precision tip (a little arrow) which allows you to pinpoint precisely where you’re cutting. This makes it easy to see exactly where your cuts and scores begin, and finish. This feature is especially great for projects where you want to cut out or score in the middle of a piece of cardstock! One last great feature of this trimmer is the storage compartment which is found under the base. It can hold scoring & cutting tools such as your Bone Folder, Simply Scored Stylus, and extra scoring and cutting blades. I keep a couple of business cards in there sometimes too. I have seen other Demonstrator’s keep some lollies & gum in there on occasion! There are separate compartments within the storage compartment to keep your tools organised, and the clear cover makes it easy to see what you’ve stored in there. So many features of this tool make it the best on the market by far! I have not heard one bad thing about it! If you don’t already own this trimmer, it’s definitely something to put on your wishlist and work towards or contact me if you would like to order one!